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Fractures Specialist

Lanny Rudner, MD -  - Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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Lanny Rudner, MD

Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Beverly Hills, CA

Something as simple as a misstep can lead to a fall that results in a foot or ankle fracture. Fortunately, orthopedic surgeon Lanny Rudner, MD, offers comprehensive and cutting-edge care for fractures at his practice serving the greater Los Angeles area, Silicon Beach Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Specialists in Beverly Hills, California. If you or a loved one may have a broken bone, don’t hesitate to call the office or book an appointment online for expert care.

Fractures Q & A

foot being wrapped up by a doctor

What is a foot or ankle fracture?

A fracture is another name for a broken bone. When you have a foot or ankle fracture, one or more of the bones in your ankle or foot are broken. This can range in severity from a tiny crack in the bone to a complete break that pierces through your skin.

Dr. Rudner has specialized training in all types of foot and ankle ailments, including the full spectrum of fractures. He and the team at Silicon Beach Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Specialists ensure you receive the most advanced care modern medicine has to offer.

How can I tell if my foot or ankle is broken?

Depending on the severity of your particular fracture, you may or may not be able to continue walking on the affected foot. Common symptoms of a broken foot or ankle include:

  • Immediate swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Bruising or visible deformity
  • Tenderness to the touch

If you can see the bone protruding through your skin, that means you have an open fracture. Open fractures require immediate medical attention.

Fractures that aren’t open can resemble the symptoms of an ankle sprain. The only way to know for sure if you have a broken bone is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rudner as soon as possible.

foot/leg illustration

How are foot and ankle fractures diagnosed and treated?

First, Dr. Rudner performs a physical exam and reviews your medical history. He asks about how the injury occurred and carefully evaluates your foot, ankle, and lower leg. If he suspects a fracture, he may take additional tests, such as an X-ray or MRI.

Then, he recommends the best treatment for your specific fracture type and location. If the pieces of your broken bone aren’t aligned, he begins by moving them back into the proper position. Broken bones must be immobilized in order to heal. This may involve a cast, or Dr. Rudner may recommend a removable foot brace or ankle boot.

If your fracture is severe, Dr. Rudner may need to perform foot or ankle surgery to repair it. Some fractures require special screws, rods, or metal plates to hold the bone together while it heals.

Dr. Rudner is a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon with specialized training in foot and ankle care, so call Silicon Beach Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Specialists or book an appointment online today.